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Project-Based Learning

​Boston Global Education Consulting offers a unique opportunity for students and young professionals to work on their projects in collaboration with and under supervision of leading specialists and laboratories. Project - Based Learning helps to:

  • Build a bridge between students and top educational resources, professors and doctors from prestigious universities will teach in person

  • Help to improve students' research background and soft power

  • Learn about the hottest academic and industry topics

  • Experience the diverse academic atmosphere and educational concepts, and experience the whole process of higher academic research

Project Highlights

  • Online projects, no limitation of location

  • Focus on hot academic topics in the industry

  • Experience the complete academic research process

  • Close contact with professors of higher education institutions

  • Our Academic team will prepare the student with pre-learning materials

  • Complete a full research project

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  • Valuable practical experience in academic research

  • High quality Scientific research report in English

  • Gain practical skills

  • International academic paper publishing opportunities

  • A valuable certificate of completion and a letter of recommendation

Program Offerings


Machine Learning and Data Science

Bio-Science and Public Health

Artificial intelligence and Autonomous Driving

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Microeconomics and Economic Management


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